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Frisbee Golf Discs

Not all Frisbee golf discs are created equal. Some are optimized for long distances, whereas others are optimized for stability and accuracy over a short distance. (In regular ball golf, you have a lot of different woods and irons… each club has a specific purpose. Frisbee golf is the same, but you have different discs as opposed to clubs.)

In addition, everyone may throw a disc slightly differently. Depending on how the disc is thrown, it will fly differently in the air. (Think how slight changes in the flaps on an airplane wing make the whole plane turn!) With more experience, you will be able to determine which flight patterns work best for you in particular circumstances.

Flight Patterns

Speed: A disc’s speed is an indication of how fast the disc flies. Ratings typically range from 1 to 13 (higher is faster). A disc with a higher speed rating will travel much farther and require less effort, but a with a slower disc you are less likely to overshoot the basket.

Glide: Glide measures a disc’s ability to “glide,” or stay aloft during flight. A disc with a lot of glide will help maximize your distance, especially if you are throwing downwind. The maximum rating for glide is a 7, and beginners especially will want a lot of glide.

Turn: During the initial (or high-speed) stages of its flight, a disc will tend to turn to the right (for right-handed players). “Turn” is a measurement of this tendency. A disc with a +1 rating is most resistant to turning, while a disc with a -5 rating will turn the most. Discs with a -2 to -5 rating make good “roller discs” for going around corners.

Fade: When a disc slows down towards the end of its flight, it tails off (hooks) to the left (for right-handed players). “Fade” is a measurement of how hard a particular disc will hook at the end of its flight. A disc with a rating of 0 will hook, or fade left, the least, resulting in the straightest flight. A disc with a rating of 5 will fade left much more sharply.