Glossary Of Terms

Ace: When the Frisbee lands in the hole’s basket in one throw made by the player at the tee. It is sometimes also referred to as a Hole-In-One.

Approach: Any throw towards the basket that takes place after teeing off and occurs out side of the Circle.

Basket: The target for each hole of the course. It usually consists of a metal pole and basket with chains that help trap the Frisbee.

The Circle: The circular area within a 30-foot radius that surrounds the basket.

Disc: A more official name for the special Frisbees used in Frisbee Golf.

Drive: A throw towards the basket that takes place from the tee.

Fairway: The in-bounds part of a hole between the tee and the Circle.

Falling Putt: A putt in which the player falls or steps forward after releasing the Frisbee and before the Frisbee lands in the basket. It results in a penalty stroke.

Hole: Each segment of the course that contains a tee and basket. It also can be used as another term for the basket.

Lie: The spot on the ground where the Frisbee comes to a rest after it has been thrown. It is usually marked with a marker.

Line of Play: The imaginary line on the ground that extends between the basket and the lie.

Marker: An object used to mark the lie. Often it is a mini disc marker.

Out-of-Bounds: Any part of the course that is not considered in-bounds. It includes permanent water hazards, public roads, and Frisbees that land out of reach above ground.

Par: The number of throws that is expected to take to complete a hole.

Putt: Any throw towards the basket that takes place within the circle.

Stroke: Synonymous to throw, or the number of throws.

Tee: A rectangular section of concrete or a marked off section of dirt or grass that serves as the starting spot for each hole.

Throw: Any propulsion of the Frisbee that causes it to move away from the player. It is also known as a stroke.